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Lake's View Fine Art
Lake's View Fine Art is the dream of Christine Lake. Chris has been painting for several years.  Some of Chris' early work hang in Mary Free Bed, and other businesses around the Grand Rapids area.  Chris is now able to produce her art in large quantities for reasonable prices with her own Micro-Enterprise.
White's Sweet Scrub
Elizabeth “Liz” White is the proud owner of White’s Sweet Scrub.  Liz manufacturers and sells sugar scrub.  These high quality products are now being sold in several Salons in the West Michigan area.  Liz is become her own best spokes person.  Upon meeting Liz you are given a run down of who she is and what her business is about.  She will give you a brochure or a business card.  Liz has done research of what customer would like and what is best for their skin.
D'Pol Paper Wrappers
Don Polkowski is the owner of D’Pol Paper Wrappers.  Don is creating wrappers for candy bars, water bottles, and other items.  He is targeting local High Schools as fundraisers for any activities they may have (sports are Don’s passion).  This puts Don where he wants to be!  But Don is finding out that more than just the schools are interested in his product.  He is getting orders from local businesses, friends, and strangers.  He is becoming a savvy businessman. He answers the phone with a greeting “D’Pol, this is Don Polkowski president and chief.”
Annie's Gifts
Annie's Gifts provides high quality sewn, embroidered, or knitted gifts and crafts at competitive prices. She sells and markets her goods at craft shows, events, through networking with others and with her eye-catching brochures. At crafts shows she is in her element! She gets fired up and comes alive! Dianne will tell you often how much she enjoys meeting customers and socializing with them at these many events. She also wants you to know she is in it to stay busy.
LaPonsie Vending
Meredith LaPonsie has an honor box vending business. The honor boxes have a slot in the middle to put money in. Once paid for, the customer takes an item out. It is called an honor box because it is based on the honor system. She has expanded her business to fit her needs and works it around her busy schedule. Meredith has also started presenting at conferences and is very good at it. She loves to share her story and her Power Point presentation.
Dorothy to the Rescue
Dorothy to the Rescue is a business of first aid kits. Dorothy supplies first aid kits for business or personal use. She can even customize personal kits, depending on the clien'ts needs. See her web site here.

Lizz's Food
For Thought

Elizabeth Garvey (Lizz) became involved in the Supported Self-Employment Pilot Project in Wisconsin in 2004. For 8 years prior to commencing pilot services, she was unemployed. After meeting with her self-employment coordinator, Lizz started "Lizz's Food for Thought," a coffee and food delivery service for staff meetings and trainings. For each delivery, Lizz earns an average of $10 (for 45-minutes of work) plus she captures an additional 10% of the food costs associated with each delivery. See more photos of Lizz at work here.

Noah's Art

Noah is a graphic designer, a webmaster and an artist. He credits hard work, perseverance and a sense of humor as his reasons for success, along with the support of a loving family and close friends. Noah has created a successful business selling his art on note cards, t-shirts and prints. You can learn more at his web site: noahsart.us

Johnson Recycling

Justin Johnson was looking for a business to help the environment, so he formed his own: Johnson Recycling. With a motto of "Crush Aluminum Cans Not Our Environment," Justin built a business that allowed people to recycle, it also earns him a great income! Click here to see a sample of his earnings!

Dusty's Puppets

Dusty's Puppets recently ventured into the realm of marketing through a local Farmer's Market. In her first experience she was billed as an "entertainer." This means she is in for free, and works for tips only - no selling! In a little over two hours, she took in $35 and much admiration, praise and interest in future work (birthday parties, etc.) and the absolute delight of many wee tots and their moms.
Later in the same week she was in the second venue as a "seller." This time the profit was $75 for a three-hour gig! She was asked to contribute 10% to the organization for space, gave them $10, and was booked on the spot to return every other week for the duration of the summer! Here she is with her first dollar of "resale" - look at that expression! Check out her web site and online store here.


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