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Welcome to IncomeLinks

It's Not About Job's, It's About Income!

IncomeLinks assists people whom many might consider poor to generate income by starting their own micro-enterprise. We believe that assisting our customers in starting their own enterprise gives them the freedom and ability to take charge of their lives.

Self-Determination Is A Fundamental Human Right.

Self determination means that people have the freedom to decide how they want to live their lives and receive the support they need. It means having control over their resources and taking responsibility for their decisions and actions and a confirmation of the central role of self advocates for the self-advocacy movement. We believe there is no better way to drive a self-determined life, than to start your own business and be the boss!

We Give Our Customers What They Need To Succeed

IncomeLinks customers come from all walks of life, from those on welfare, to those with mental health challenges, individuals with autism, transition-aged youth, prison transition programs, homeless, to the unemployed. We help them succeed by teaching them about micro-enterprise. We teach them four guiding principles to start a business.

1. Begin with very small amounts of money.
2. Get it up and running within a short time frame.
3. Your time is worth money.
4. One person at a time.


55B Main Street   •  Keene, NH  03455
Phone: 603-493-2093

E-mail:    Doreen Rosimos: doreenrosimos@incomelinks.biz    

 Darcy Wilson: darcy@incomelinks.biz


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