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Doreen Rosimos combines a passionate commitment to disabled people with an unstoppable flair for business.

As evidence of her skills, she currently owns 10 businesses, including 2 small provider agencies, a consulting business, a designer clothing wholesale manufacturing business and an import business, a non medical in-home care for the elderly business franchise, Plus she's started and sold two dozen more. And in her spare time she's a landlord to many!

Doreen is equally committed to assisting people with disabilities, not least her brother Jack, for whom she advocates. She has helped many individuals - and families with a disabled person, too - to set up their own businesses. Her work has covered over 50 U.S. states and 12 countries!. She is recognized across the U.S and Europe as a leading expert, and inspiring presenter, on micro-enterprises. She was also one of the founders of the Center for Self-Determination. She has been profiled in Time Magazine, US News and World Report, Harvard Business Review as well as many newspapers and magazines. She and Darcy are listed as a resource in Chantel Sicile Kira's book Autism Full Spectrum Disorders Adolescents.

Doreen lives in New Hampshire with family and friends with weekend visits from Zelda the rottweiler!

Phone: 603-493-2093

E-mail: doreenrosimos@incomelinks.biz


Darcy Wilson is a dynamic woman dedicated to operationalizing the freedom of individuals, through the creation of income.

She is one of the founding members and consultants for the Center for Self-Determination. The driving force behind their collaboration is their belief in thinking out side the box, and believing that failure is not an option for anyone. Darcy struggled seeing individuals making minimum wage or less.  Darcy witnessed the failure of the current system to overcome this discrepancy.  Her belief in developing micro enterprises to meet the varying needs of individuals is her underlying motivation. She is working to develop as many income-producing individuals as possible, especially those who are most challenged. Being involved in family businesses for all her life, Darcy has always looked at ways to be creative, inventive and to make income.

Her belief in the power of a personal relationship and commitment to operationalizing individual’s freedoms, guided her.

Phone: 603-209-1198

E-mail: freedom14@netzero.net

  Ana Perera

With more than 12 years of experience working with developmentally disabled mentally ill offenders, Ana Perera brings a wealth of information, knowledge, and enthusiasm to IncomeLinks.

She has provided training, technical assistance and program evaluations to rehabilitation and supported employment programs for offenders for the past nine years. Ana has also successfully developed paid employment positions for offenders in their community. Many of whom are currently operating their own successful businesses and are on their path to self determination.

As an active advocate and board member for several organizations, Ana believes that her life purpose is to assist others in obtaining success.

As a trainer, Ana is known for her pragmatic, down-to-earth approach. Her enlightening and instructive presentations combine humor and practical strategies to inspire, instruct and motivate organizations and their trained professionals to unparalleled levels of creativity, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

E-mail: pereraana@yahoo.com

  Kate Bosley

Helping grow micro-enterprises is Kate's specialty. She guides businesses that are up and running on how to effectively market their products and services. Kate is a wizard at showing how to maximize profits, finding new customers, and yelling, "what are you thinking!," when business owners don't charge enough. Kate came to IncomeLinks at the reluctance of Doreen because she is the marketing director for other businesses owned by Links consultants.


55B Main Street   •  Keene, NH  03455
Phone: 603-493-2093

E-mail:    Doreen Rosimos: doreenrosimos@incomelinks.biz    

 Darcy Wilson: darcy@incomelinks.biz


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