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IncomeLinks is about helping individuals who are poor, generate income.
Here's the team who make it happen!

Doreen Rosimos was part of the original team in New Hampshire that implemented the principles of self-determination and helped create true freedom for people with developmental disabilities.

Doreen and her brother Jack were featured in an article in U S News and World Report.   She has helped her brother create the life that has MEANING TO HIM, while ensuring that he is safe and healthy.  Jack owns his own home, totally accessible for him.  He lives with people that he chooses and goes where he wants to go in his own van.  Jack, even though severely disabled physically and mentally, is surrounded by things, people, and events that he truly cares about.  This life was created through the use of an individual budget. The main premise that Doreen used to create this situation is “don’t cost to much, be cheaper than a nursing home!”  Doreen has helped dozens of people use this process to get a life!!

She was one of the founding members of the Center for Self Determination, a national organization.

Doreen also has worked to help implement self determination and more specifically micro-enterprises in many states, including, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Ohio, Michigan, California, North Carolina and Wisconsin, Alaska, California, Nevada,  She has been a featured speaker in those same states and plus Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin also Victoria and Montreal.  She has been invited to present in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, England, France, Japan and Canada.

Doreen, when she helps people learn the “how to’s of starting a small business, speaks from experience, she currently owns  5 businesses, including  2 small provider agencies,  a consulting business, a designer clothing wholesale manufacturing business and an import business.  She has successfully started and sold more than a dozen businesses.   Doreen believes that ALL people, regardless of how their bodies work can produce income.  “IT DOESN’T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE MORE THAN NOTHING”.

Darcy Wilson is a dynamic woman dedicated to operationalizing the freedom of individuals, through the creation of income.  She is one of the founding members and consultants for the Center for Self-Determination, working through Income Links a company she founded with Doreen Rosimos.  The driving force behind their collaboration is their belief in thinking out side the box, and believing that failure is not an option for anyone.

The fundamental belief that, “It is not about jobs, but about INCOME!” is held by both Darcy and Doreen.  For years, Darcy struggled seeing individuals making minimum wage or less.  We all need money to lubricate our lives, through dinners out with friend, gifts and simple reciprocation.  Darcy witnessed the failure of the current system to overcome this discrepancy.  Her belief in developing microenterprises to meet the varying needs of individuals is her underlying motivation..  She is working to develop as many income-producing individuals as possible, especially those who are most challenged.  Being involved in family businesses for all her life, Darcy has always looked at ways to be creative, inventive and to make income

Darcy is a native New Englander who grew up in the Cheshire County area.  Growing up she was active in the family farming business, learning all she could from production to marketing.  She graduated from Boston University, focusing on horticulture therapy and social work.

Ms. Wilson began her career with Monadnock Family Services, the local mental health center in the city, where the initial self-determination movement started through the Robert Wood Johnson grant.  Her roles at Monadnock included group home management, case management, partial rehabilitation and vocational services.  During her tenure, she began to examine the rim of services and push the definition of “client” relationships in the mental health system.  Her belief in the power of a personal relationship and commitment to operationalizing individual’s freedoms, guided her.




Doreen Rosimos with Laurence








Darcy Wilson and Doreen Rosimos



55B Main Street   •  Keene, NH  03455
Phone: 603-493-2093

E-mail:    Doreen Rosimos: doreenrosimos@incomelinks.biz    

 Darcy Wilson: darcy@incomelinks.biz


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